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Can Dental Sedation Do Anything for Me If I’m Not Afraid of the Dentist?

May 13, 2024

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When you think of oral sedation dentistry, you may immediately associate it with patients who have a hard time sitting calmly through a dental appointment due to fear or anxiety. While this is certainly a practical use of this treatment, it is not the only way it is employed to help make dental care smooth and effective. Here are a few reasons your dentist may suggest oral sedation treatments other than reducing stress associated with the dental office.


Debunking the Age-Old Myth That Root Canals Are Painful

March 14, 2024

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an endodontist doing a root canal

Countless people put off scheduling their root canals in Lorain due to the fear that the procedure will be painful. In fact, one of the most common misconceptions about the procedure is just that, that it causes pain instead of relieves it. If you need root canal treatment and are anxious about what that entails, the best way to dispel that fear is to speak with your endodontist, as they’ll be able to give you a rundown of the procedure so you know what to expect—and pain is not in the cards! Read on to learn the honest and unfiltered truth about root canals and why they’re not as scary as people make them out to be.


What Makes a Root Canal Retreatment Necessary?

February 13, 2024

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Lady has dental pain

A root canal can resolve severe pain and save a tooth from extraction due to injury or decay. While you can expect a root canal to last a lifetime with excellent care, it may need to be redone for reasons like a dentist’s error, the tooth not healing properly, or new decay or injury. Here’s a brief overview of what can make root canal retreatment necessary and what you can expect during the procedure.